What will set your business apart from your competitors??

Great Customer Service

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business.
Good customer service is all about bringing customers back.

1) Answer your phone.
2) Don’t make promises unless you WILL keep them.
3) Listen to your customers.
4) Deal with complaints.
5) Be helpful – even if there’s no immediate profit in it.
6) Train your staff (if you have any) to be ALWAYS helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.
7) Take the extra step.
8) Throw in something extra.

5 Secrets Of Good Customer Service

Customer Service Secret Number One – Build Business to Customer Loyalty.

Customer Service Secret Number Two – provide true customer service.

Customer Service Secret Number Three – “The Customer Is always Right.” If a customer comes to you about a complaint, be very serious about how you handle it. First, calm him with words and action and show that you are serious about doing something to correct the problem. Even if it is obvious that he’s wrong, sometimes it’s better for repeat business to take the loss and compensate the customer.

Customer Service Secret Number Four – be honest with your customers.

Customer Service Secret Number Five – educate your staff to be equally as concerned about your customers as you are.